Essence Of Culture Education

If you do not have information about one country, you may judge them with whatever knowledge you have. It is also important that we will verify if the information we have received is the truth or not. That is because misinformation could cause conflict and misunderstanding. We live in the age where we could access information easily and they could be shared immediately to as many people as possible. It is also a dangerous age because of fake information and false rumors that could destroy one person or organization.

Based on one video, one person could be judged by all who watched it. One person could understand the language and so understand what happened. Another may not and will just base on what he can see will make his judgment. Others would just react even without confirming if the content is true or not. This is just at the time where information could be distributed to limited mediums. When false information was published, the medium used is also limited and it might not reached all that had received the wrong information.

That is why understanding the culture of one nation is important for better understanding. Culture influence the worries of the people, their view of things, their dream, the values they practice, their loyalty and many more. So if you want to know a person, you must know his culture also so that you will understand him or her as correctly as possible. No judgment but an information that is fact and true and is helpful and useful.