Global Issues


There are many global issues that affect the whole world. As with the term itself, the global issues are the concerns that are experienced or the one that affects the whole world. One country could exert much influence in various countries using their resources and power. As each country has their own goal so they could make actions towards that goal without the other nations realizing it. Each can have their focus. They can trade with specific nations that would be favorable only to them.

Global issues included the concerns and problems regarding politics, the environment, economic status, social issues, cultural concerns and many more. As the concern is global, there should be also a global solution to it. It could be done when the nations will cooperate. That is because one nation could help his neighbor and the neighbor may have something to give in return in their capacity. The truth and reality are that each nation wants to achieve something from another country and so they will not care if they are doing well or not.

They have many things to think about their own country. But other countries cannot do anything but help them because they have a close relationship or they have both same interests. Because of the many activities a nation may experience so they have to forgo some opportunities. But it is true that no one single country could survive in this world. Each has their own allies. But the important thing is that they should be united with other countries for global issues.